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Looping pedals can open up whole new areas of exploration for guitarists. The drawback is most loopers can be complicated and tricky to use, and the more complex they are the more room for errors during a live performance. The TC Electronic Ditto Looper turns this on its head and cuts to the chase. Just plug in and loop.

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The Ditto Looper is an affordable, quality looper that even the most tech-phobic guitarist can use, yet despite it's apparent simplicity it's features and audio fidelity allow guitarists to open up a whole new vista of techniques and sounds.

Whether you want to practise alone soloing over your rhythm parts or composing or go all the way and create a one-man, wall of sound using complex loops onstage, the Ditto Looper is perfect for all guitarists beginners to experts alike. TC Electronic, the makers of the Ditto Looper, have taken a minimalist approach to not only its size but also its design and use.

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  • Simple to use. Compact size.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Power supply not included

With just a single knob to adjust loop level (volume), one footswitch, two 1/4" jacks and a single LED, things are kept very simple. The LED glows different colors depending on which function the pedal is currently set to. Press the switch once to record and the LED will be red, press it again to stop recording and it will change back to green. From there, play along with the loop as it is or add another layer of guitar by going through the loop recording process again. It allows infinite overdubs so you can create as many layered loops as you want. Just tap the switch twice in quick succession to stop loop playback. Hold the footswitch down to undo the last loop and then hold it down a second time to re-do the loop. The hardest part will be getting the timing right so practise starting with just one loop and adding a second loop.

The 24-bit uncompressed audio processing ensures that even with more than 20 layered loops, playback quality is not diminished and tone is maintained. Invevitably you will get some clash of harmonics, that is unavoidable when you have so many overdubs in the mix, but the simplicity of the Ditto Looper lets you roll back and retry your ideas quickly and easily. Five minutes recording time is enough to get a full song done, though some may want more.

Measuring just 3 5/8” by 1 5/8” the Ditto Looper will let you easily find space for it on your pedalboard, but the compromise is there is no room for a battery, so you will need a power adaptor (not included). Despite its size, it feels weighty and robust.

The Ditto Looper incorporates Analog-Dry through, so it always lets your 'dry' signal pass through without converting it to digital, so it won't mess wth your orignal tone and this with zero-latency. It is also a "true-bypass" pedal, when it's off it's really off, again with no effect at all on your tone. There is also a USB port, which is not currently used but down the track it can be used for downloading updates to the pedal.

The TC Electronic Ditto Looper includes only what's necessary in a looper and does away with complicated whiz-bang tech to deliver a tiny pedal that lets you spend your time expanding on your musical ideas, rather than reading manuals and navigating through complex steps. If you've stayed away from loopers until now it's time to jump in especially at under $170.

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